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All sessions are at Ritual Yoga, 133 N. Higgins Missoula

Sunday June 9, 5-8:30 pm

Tuesday June 25, 6:30-10 pm

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Please note, that registration and pricing is now done through Ritual Yoga.  I will no longer be registering or receiving payments for classes.  Ritual Yoga offers a first-time fee of $40 or a 3 class pass for $120.  This is the best deal and is good for all breathwork offerings.

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Introducing TranceFormational Breathwork

“I believe it is essential for our planetary future to develop tools that can change the consciousness which has created the crisis that we are in.”   ~~  Stanislav Grof


TranceFormational Breathwork is an exciting, transformational exploration of the subconscious mind.  Through the use of the conscious connected breathing pattern while listening to loud, evocative music, it is possible to attain non-ordinary states of being that offer new insights into hidden elements of our psyche. As the body attains a hyper-oxygenated state, the conscious and often critical mind that is normally in charge, begins to yield its grasp on reality.  This liberates our subconscious patterns of thought, belief, emotional response, and unleashes a more visionary mind. There may be elevated levels of emotion moving through the body, such as sadness, grief or anger, that call for expression through vocalization or hitting down on a punching bag. You may enter higher brain wave frequency patterns that elicit positive emotions such as profound states of joy, bliss, spiritual transcendence, or oneness with all that is. You may achieve visions, transformations, rebirth, or reunions with those who have passed on.  
TranceFormational Breathwork uses a form of breathwork taught by the Wellness Institute of Washington that is termed Heart Centered Breathwork. It is a practice that calls for an opening and aligning of the natural energy centers of the body, with the heart center as a focus.  Breathwork can perhaps be best explained as a practice of opening to a state of consciousness that moves us toward wholeness. Stanislav Grof, LSD pioneer and creator of a trademarked version of breathwork called holotropic breathwork, supported the idea that non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC) are inherently therapeutic because they help one tap into the collective unconsciousness and “the healer within”—not unlike some psychedelic-assisted therapies. During a Heart Centered Breathwork session, the breather is always in charge of their own experience, guiding themselves through the 80 minute experience at a pace and rhythm which they are comfortable. 
It is impossible to predict where a breathwork experience will take you. It is unique with each individual and session. The level of openness to the experience and the intentions one carries into the work play a role in the depth of the work.  The group dynamic and energy will influence your session lending to the uniqueness of the experience. It is more important to let the experience take hold, release control and trust that the energy of the breath and the intention of openness to growth and healing will carry you on a journey toward experiential insight. The expansion of consciousness achieved through this work can illuminate old patterns and pave the way for new thoughts, behaviors, and possibilities to emerge in the subconscious mind. The change that is possible as a result of surrendering to the experience is said to be Holographic, taking place on multiple levels–cellular, chemical, neurological, psychological, energetic, spiritual, transpersonal. Most participants, regardless of the depth of their journey, report feeling relaxed, open, and more spacious in mind and body by the end of the process.  The Heart Centered approach to Breathwork is a nod to the important role the heart plays as consciousness expands, illuminating feelings of openness, connectedness, and flow.  
This is powerful subconscious trance work done in a group format, wherein most of your fellow participants will be strangers.  Please consider the vulnerable nature of this process and know that your work will be witnessed and held in confidence by all in attendance.  Due to the inherent nature of the work, it is possible that traumatic material from one’s past may emerge to be reprocessed through a corrective experience and reintegrated in the psyche in a new way.  As a mental health therapist, I have 20 plus years of experience helping clients address and heal somatic and psychological traumas.  It is my role, along with my co-facilitators, to create a safe container in which this transformative work unfolds.  We will assist you by holding energetic space, teaching you proper breathing techniques, helping you to move and release energy, and providing you with resources to keep you safe and comfortable.  At the beginning of each session group members share an intention for their journey.  At the conclusion of the session, there is a closing ceremony during which participants are asked to share brief insights from their experience.  Before returning home, we will ensure that you are emotionally and physically grounded so that you can fully integrate the learnings and insights revealed in the session.

TranceFormational Breathwork is a heart-centered tool for releasing stress, experiencing wholeness, & opening to your intuition and profound human potential.

As you breathe in the conscious connected breathing pattern while listening to evocative and powerful music, you will enter the realm of your subconscious mind. Here you will heal, release, explore, express, and feel your emotions fully. These sessions open up non-ordinary states of consciousness that expand the soul, re-process and re-integrate our understanding and perception of who we are in the world we inhabit, and heal the body. We work in a group, which amplifies the energy and dynamic of the whole, while inviting a deep personal unfolding.  As you arrive, you will outfit your personal space in the circle with your own mat, warm blanket, water bottle, eye mask, and perhaps a favorite stuffed animal–a metaphor for our once lost, now returned childlike parts.  As you let go of resistance and control, and gradually release into the experience, the power of the breath to transform is unleashed.  A TranceFormational Breathwork experience is never the same twice.  It often defies description, because you have entered an expansive field of energy that is more wave than particle, more mystery than thought and word can translate.  There is no risk, and yet much to gain. You are in control of your breath, how fast, how deep, and how intense, so the experience of mystery is influenced by your choices.  As you are willing to expand, breathe faster and deeper. If the experience is overwhelming, slow the breath down.  If it is dreamy, blissful, or spacious, let it take hold of and guide you.  You have control–the breath is an invitation to move deeper into your subconscious realms.

Potential Benefits of TranceFormational Breathwork

While there is no guarantee of a specific result or outcome from a Breathwork session, the following experiences are possible:
  • The power of Breathwork to heal and connect
  • Greater connection to your emotions and/or what is going on in your bodies
  • Release of the conscious, critical mind and being “in your head” in order to increase your ability to be in your heart
  • Expansion of consciousness and elevated brainwave states
  • Expansion of the capacity for forgiveness, love and compassion
  • Increased creative flow 
  • Release of emotional or physical symptoms and unproductive behavior patterns which may be negatively impacting your life and are rooted in long-forgotten past events buried deep within the unconscious
  • A profound “re-charge” from the stress of their daily activities
  • A connection or re-connection to the spiritual side of life
  • A deepening of spiritual connection, to “God”, “Higher Power”, “The Divine”, “Higher Self”, “Guides”, etc. 
  • Deep relaxation, openness, and ease
  • Access to grief and an openness to feeling emotions fully 
  • Exploration of physical illness and potential inward clues of possible psychosomatic components of the illness
  • Experience mystical and/or satori states through natural breathing techniques (no drugs)
  • New perspectives on how to deal with the feelings of disempowerment
  • Re-connection with their innate wisdom
  • Re-connection with passion, life-purpose, dreams for the future
  • and many more…
TranceFormational Breathwork Disclaimer
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