Move Toward Increased Satisfaction and Fulfillment!

missionsI honor your courage and willingness to explore the possibilities that are yours to unfold and for taking the step to seek supportive counsel in that process.

I want to support you in achieving a life that is fulfilling and abundant, that has all the resources needed for happiness and contentment. If the path you are on feels unfulfilling, burdensome, or unsatisfying, there are probably many good reasons for that. Therapy can help clear a path for you to move toward unfolding a more authentic “you”, one that actively seeks to fulfill your potential.

From my perspective, there is already a wise part of yourself that knows therapy is an opportunity to move toward the life you want to be living. I encourage you to trust your intuition and nourish the courage necessary to embark on this journey of healing and growth.

Turning toward possibilities begins by clarifying and defining what is most important to you. When you are clear about your goals and begin living with integrity to your values, the journey forward gains direction and meaning. When goals and meaning are clear it is easier to explore what works and what keeps getting in the way.

A particular challenge on the journey is acknowledging and accepting the doubts, fears, judgments and beliefs that have kept you stuck in old behaviors. By building awareness of these habitual patterns and learning to greet them with gentleness and self-acceptance you will gradually reduce their power to limit what is possible. Pushing beyond your self-imposed limits allows you to author a new version of self that nurtures the confidence and creativity needed to accept what is happening in the here and now and address it effectively.

With my support, you will soon be turning your passions into reality and achieve greater life satisfaction.

Choosing a therapist who matches your heart, mind, and even spirit is very important.

The type of concerns that you might generally have include:

  • Dealing with an inner critic that beats you up over things you believe you have ‘done wrong’
  • Core beliefs sounding something like, “there is something wrong with me” or “I am not good enough”
  • Difficulty making decisions about next steps in life, challenges with life transitions
  • Trusting yourself and others, unresolved issues in family of origin
  • Fear of being judged, social anxieties, eating disorders, body image, weight loss, suicidal ideation, anxiety
  • Healing from the emotional/physical hurt of a partner or family member
  • Finding intimacy through development of healthy relationships
  • Self-destructive addictions and habits that lead to sabotaging goals, severe self-criticism, low self-worth

What to expect from my approach to personal growth?

My intention is to prioritize your well-being, health, inner joy and peace. Your progress in this work is measured by goals you set that when accomplished will bring increased satisfaction and fulfillment.

My role will be to help you feel safe during the process, hold your highest vision of yourself and help you create your truest vision for your life.

In each session, I will ask about your growth assignments and assign new practices if needed.

We will spend time discussing what you are doing that provides the motivation and energy to move toward your goals. Alternatively, we will talk about what drains your energy and stops progress.

The essence of the session will include skill building to enhance resources to deal with challenges.

We will spend time on reflections about forgiveness, compassion toward self and others, acceptance and letting go.

Weekly commitment is very helpful for creating new ways of relating to the world.

As with exercise, if you put forth consistent effort to practice and incorporate new therapy skills and strategies, you will be able to report improvement in functioning and greater feelings of confidence, resilience and satisfaction.

Attending therapy weekly for the first few months makes change gentler, kinder and easier.

When you decide your goals have been reached it will be my greatest pleasure to witness you moving on with greater insight, perspective, resilience and fulfillment.

Emotional regulation skill building may include relaxation and breathing techniques, mindfulness activities, visualizations, safety plans, heart-math, journaling, self-hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

I hope the information above was helpful to you. Please let me know how I can be of support on your journey toward wellness and happiness!

With gratitude and appreciation,

Chuck Wayland, LCSW, ACHT
336 West Spruce, Missoula MT 59802

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