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Meditation and Self-hypnosis Audio Recordings by Chuck

In Memory of Nick Holden:  A Guided Meditation for the Loss of a Loved One  This is for those who have lost a loved one, a version of this meditation was given during the Celebration of Life for Nick Holden in July 2020.  Great Love to Sarah Holden, her beautiful girls, and the many, many friends who lost a very special man.  You may use any loved one you have lost, including pets, to do this practice.  Nick was a lover of nature, which is a deep theme in this meditation.

Gentle Body Scan for Sleep:  This is a guided body scan with background music for relaxation or sleep.

Highest Wisest Self Induction:  This is a variation on the Induction for Hypnosis.  It focuses on the cultivation of an inner resource using the image of the Highest and Wisest Self.

Soft Belly Breathing Practice 20 minute version

Soft Belly Breathing Practice 10 minute version

Awareness of Breath Practice

Loving Kindness Meditation 

Anchoring a Resource State Meditation with 4-7-8 breath

Brief teaching on Resource State Meditation

Forgiveness Meditation

4-7-8 Breathing Practice

4-7-8 Breathing Teaching

Mind Body Induction:  This is an induction using a progressive relaxation, including eye fixation, deepening technique, the safe place and the wise adult.

Induction 1:  The following recording is the induction for hypnosis as practiced in session.  It includes the eye fixation, deepening technique of moving down 10 levels, the safe place, and the wise adult.  Allow yourself up to 30 minutes to practice this induction.  Be sure to create a safe environment in which you have limited distractions and set the intention for what you would like to experience.  With regular practice listening to this recording, your inductions during sessions will be much more rapid and you will find it easier to achieve a deep level of trance.

Heart Focused Breathing Technique Teaching

Heart Focused Breathing Technique Short Version

Self-Hypnosis Short Version

This includes a brief explanation.  The actual practice includes 7 steps:  1) rating you stress level 2) Making your anchor and going to your safe, relaxing spot 3) Checking the eyelids 4) Making anchor and going to your safe, relaxing spot 5) Repeating the affirmation you are using or the following:  I am safe.  I am calm.  I choose to be here.  6) Going back to your safe spot again 7) Checking your stress level again and noticing in your body any changes in sensations.   This entire practice can be done in about a minute with some practice and is designed to support you interrupting patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving that are ineffective or unhealthy.


Recommended Reading:

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  • Robert Augustus Masters
    • Emotional Intimacy
    • To Be a Man

    John Wellwood, PhD.

    • Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationship

    Dianne Zimberoff

    • Breaking Free of the Victim Trap

    Jane Nelson

    • Positive Discipline

    Jane Nelson & Lynn Lott

    • Positive Discipline for Teenagers


    Websites: – Insight meditation teacher/psychologist offers podcasts and meditations – Neuro-psycho-biologist and meditation instructor with great resources on how to re-wire your brain for happiness – Lots of resources on Mindsight, mindfulness – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy site with resources. – Heart Centered Hypnotherapy site with resources on trainings – Transpersonal Psychologist with readings on love and relationships – Heart Math Institute site with resources and research – Great app for your phone with guided meditations and timer – Resource for adults or parents with ADHD – Resources for those suffering from depression – Research and resources on positive psychology – Site for articles and research on Positive Discipline parenting – Lots of resources on mental health disorders and treatment – Dialectical Behavior Therapy site with downloadable resources

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