No more fruitless commitments to losing weight.  Try a lifestyle change.

TRIM-LIFE is not a diet.  Results from dieting don’t last.

apple4TRIM-LIFE is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that uses education, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy to change the underlying subconscious causes of over eating and cravings. This proven program will help you release unwanted weight by fundamentally altering the way you relate to food and eating. By drawing out new core beliefs and a kinder, gentler self-acceptance, TRIM-LIFE enhances your motivation to engage in healthy eating habits and regular activities so that you can reach your overall fitness and well-being goals.

Have you ever been excited to start the latest diet fad best with the best intentions and motivation only to experience a yo-yo effect of weight loss followed by weight gain? If your previous efforts to lose weight have ended with self-defeating, guilt-ridden retreat back into old habits and weight gain, then TRIM LIFE can offer a different possibility. By helping you understand the subconscious and historical roots of overeating, the TRIM LIFE program will release you of old negative habits and patterns of unhealthy eating and restore a sense of hope and possibility that you can effectively reach your goals to achieve deeper satisfaction, self-acceptance, and fulfillment.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle process of relaxation that allows the conscious, self-critical mind to relax, granting access to the deeper subconscious influences over our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With practice, anyone can achieve a hypnotic trance state that opens the subconscious to re-programming with new insights, self-affirmations, and supportive core beliefs. The proven hypnosis techniques used in TRIM-LIFE help you to access historic roots of overeating, regulate cravings, stop mindless and emotional overeating, and literally shrink your stomach size to curb your appetite. TRIM LIFE also has an educational approach focusing on healthy eating habits and cutting edge nutritional science to encourage the adoption of lifestyle changes that will keep the weight from coming back. Imagine the possibilities!

TRIM-LIFE is a six week program that uses a weekly 2 hour group process, hypnotherapy, education and monthly follow-up support groups to help you incorporate life-enhancing change. The price of the program includes your course materials, consisting of a workbook, a copy of Dianne Zimberoff’s book Freeing Yourself from the Victim Trap, and a flash drive or CD of guided self-hypnosis sessions. Healthy snacks are included!

Program Dates for 2018: Next course offering will be on Tuesday January 24 from 6:15-8:30.
Courses and times may be added as registration allows (at least 4 registrants are necessary to create a mutually supportive group process).  Please let me know your preference for days and times and I will try to accommodate.
Cost:  $350 includes the course materials ($50 value)  Location:  336 West Spruce  6:15 -8:30 pm

NEW!!  Receive a $50 discount when you register with a friend or family member!
Register using the following form or call (406) 396-7834 to reserve your space and free yourself from your unhealthy relationship to food.

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