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Trim Life Weight Release Program

Start your New Year off right! Trim Life is not a diet! Diets don’t work! It is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that involves education, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy to change the underlying subconscious causes of over eating and cravings. This proven program will help you release unwanted pounds by fundamentally altering the way you relate to food and exercise so that you can reach your overall fitness and well being goals. Trim Life is a 6 week program beginning Tuesday January 24, 2018 from 6:15-8:30 pm. Call to reserve your space and free yourself from your unhealthy relationship to food.

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Individual Therapy

If you feel it is time to make a change in your life, I provide individual counseling services to pre-teens, adolescents, young adults, adults and elders. The changes may be due to long term suffering from symptoms and situations like childhood trauma, PTSD, grief and bereavement, ADHD, anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship issues, self-harm, poor frustration and anger tolerance, or male specific issues.

Our first 90 minute session will help define changes you want to make and what it will look like when disruptive symptoms no longer exist. Subsequent 60 minute sessions will review weekly progress on objectives, discuss self-work assignments, practice skills, and enhance motivation to meet goals. Call me at 406-396-7834 to see if working together is right for you.



 Family Therapy

Offering counseling services for families struggling with issues involving divorce and separation, parenting challenges, life transitions, domestic violence and abuse, sibling rivalries, challenging or harmful behaviors involving pre-teens and teens, harmful behaviors, boundary setting, trauma, grief and loss, adoption, and school issues.

In family therapy, I use a family systems approach that generally means that the entire family should be involved in addressing challenges. I encourage the use of the Positive Discipline parenting approach where it is appropriate.

Call me at 406-396-7834 with questions to see if working with your family is a good fit.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is an exciting and transformational technique that offers great promise in healing many mental health and physical ailments. Through personal and professional experience, I have found this method offers an extraordinarily safe, compassionate healing space within which to explore sensitive emotional experiences. I look forward to discussing the potential it may bring to your healing journey.

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Young Adult College Transitions

I am excited to work with young adults as they launch into independence by providing life skills development including finding an apartment, transitional supports for adapting to college life, support connecting with local resources including medication providers, and therapeutic services.

The college transition can be a stressful experience for both young adults and parents. This is especially so if the young adult has never lived on their own, has come from a boarding school or treatment facility, or has struggled with legal issues, substance abuse, or academic challenges.

This service provides clinical and case management support, when needed, to improve the likelihood of a successful transition process or to redirect one that is off course. This process helps student and parents set achievable goals, improve communication in order to reduce stress, develop problem solving strategies, and enhance accountability and motivation to stay on course. Along the way, we identify needs and marshal the plentiful resources available in the Missoula community to meet outcomes that launch them into independence.

After the initial assessment, I tailor the services provided to meet your needs. These may include traditional outpatient therapy, family therapy using Skype or phone, parent consultation and training, or more intensive case management services.

Call me at 406-396-7834 to discuss treatment options, intensity of treatment provided, and fee structure.


CLEAN BREAK – Smoking Cessation

Do You Desire a More Healthy Lifestyle as a Non-Smoker?

CLEAN BREAK is a group smoking cessation program, consisting of four 2 hour weekly classes. This program uses gentle, effective, and powerful forms of hypnotic suggestion to tap into the subconscious mind, take control of unhealthy habits and replace them those more supportive of a healthy lifestyle. The hypnosis helps you confront cravings by accessing the subconscious mind where habits are formed and maintained. With new coping skills firmly implanted into the subconscious mind and supported by your conscious motivation and will to drop the old, harmful habit, you will soon realize your goal of becoming a non-smoker!

In each of the 4 weekly sessions, you will be shown a different hypnotic technique that supports the educational material offered in that session. The long-term effectiveness of the program rests on practicing the techniques using the guided self-hypnosis CD provided in your course packet.

All CLEAN-BREAK participants will receive a workbook along with CD recordings. These will help to reinforce your healthy new lifestyle choices at home.

Cost of the 4 week program, including course materials is $225.

Some insurance coverage is possible. Sliding scale is available to a limited number of paricipants. Group size is limited to 20. Call for information about upcoming course offerings, dates, and times.